Perfect Pouch of a Present

I have a weakness for clutch handbags. My collection has grown and grown, and includes everything from vintage Chanel to $10 ones I have bought on the street in Soho, from patent leather to beading, and very really modern Ted Baker to retro-inspired macrame. I think that because you hold them in one hand and not tucked over your shoulder, everyone notices them and they truly are part of your outfit…almost like a large piece of jewelry. So when I see unusual, interesting designs, I have to share them with the world. And this one, well…honey, are you reading this? Because it’s actually looks like a little wrapped-up present, it would make a great one…;)

The “Dumpling” handbag from Emily Levine is seriously the cutest, most covet-worthy little number I have seen in awhile. Made from hand-knotted silk, its shape really does resemble a little dumpling. Of the fabric options, this striped one is my favorite (all of them have the same circular bamboo handle, perfect for slipping over your wrist when you need to hold a drink and still have your other hand free). It is summery and chic and Parisian-looking, and works with any solids (or a similarly-hued floral or paisley if you’re feeling bold enough to mix prints!). Dress it up with a black satin dress for a wedding, or make it casual with light embellished jeans and a graphic tee. And at $335, it’s definitely a splurge but not so crazy that your wallet inside it will be empty…

~ Alison.

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