Rainbow Bright

I am, by nature, an organized person. I like lists, I like symmetry, and I like things to be in a certain order. Which is why “rainbow order” has always been visually appealing to me. The order of the colors make sense (prisms of color are the way they are because that’s how we see color best…in that order) and anything rainbow is always happy, makes us think of sunshine after the rain, and during the month of June, also represents Pride. Over the past year, though, anything rainbow has been such a huge trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon (yippee!). Everything from earrings to handbags to clothing are sporting this pattern. I personally gravitated toward rainbow jewelry and wear an eternity band of rainbow crystals way too often and covet my shoulder-dusting rainbow earrings. So I thought I’d share a few ideas of how to incorporate this on-going (and timely if you’d like to support your LBGT friends!) trend.

Pictured above is the ring that I have been wearing non-stop. Everyone thinks it cost a fortune, but it was $44 from Bauble Bar! The original Alidia Ring actually sold-out, had a wait-list, and was brought back with multiple versions because it was so popular. But the original not-quite-exact-rainbow-order one is what I have and is still my personal favorite. It brings a multi-hued pop of color to your jewelry wardrobe and works as your one fancy piece of sparkle with an otherwise casual outfit or can hold its own with a gown for a formal event.

If you want to invest some money into a piece of rainbow jewelry, nothing is prettier and more meaningful than Jennifer Meyer’s Rainbow Open Heart Necklace. At just over $3,000, it’s definitely a big purchase. There are plenty of costume versions of this out there too, but this design is a good place to start when you are looking around. It is delicate yet significantly sized and makes a beautiful, heart-felt (pun intended…) gift for someone who makes your own heart form a rainbow.

You don’t have to sport this trend on jewelry alone (that’s just my personal preference). Everything from hoodies to fashion-y sneakers to designer bags have shown up with this motif. If you are going to wear clothing with any type of rainbow on it, however, just make sure it’s subtle, fashion-forward, and doesn’t make you look like you stole a 5-year-old’s sweatshirt. If I had to pick two (you know, so this article isn’t 5,000 words long…), this Kensington Rainbow shoulder bag from Kurt Geiger would be my first next purchase. It’s metallic leather makes it perfect to use all year round and gives any monochromatic outfit the most fabulous pick-me-up. And when it comes to actual clothing, I would choose to represent the rainbow in a less-than-literal way. This Finley Top from Tularosa has pastel hues without the complete rainbow in the pattern, but you still get the point and are visibly on the bandwagon. Plus its strapless flounce neckline is so super flattering and summery that everyone will notice not only the on-trend print, but how fabulous you look in it!

Now go find your pot of gold…

~ Alison.


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