Seventies Sunnies

Anyone else sometimes feel like they were born in the wrong era? I 100% should have been an adult in the 1970’s…I want to wear (original) Halston, the most ridiculous platform heels, 20 coats of mascara, and dance the night away at Studio 54. So anything ‘70’s-inspired is MY inspiration. The other night at a fashion event, my off-white macrame bag and giant gold medallion necklace that was my grandmother’s got more attention than anything else I was wearing, so I feel like my gut style instinct is right for me. I even have white-blond Farrah Fawcett hair and can’t help but smile when some disco comes on the radio (still haven’t installed an actual disco ball in my house…thinking that might not go over well…).

Which brings us to my newest sunglasses obsession. I have a LOT of sunglasses, almost all of which are super oversized and have such a fun ‘70’s vibe. And these “Mackenna” sunnies from Kate Spade make the best throw-back statement ever. With their reeeeally oversized shape, cut-outs between the lenses and the frames, and gradient purple field of view, these scream “I’m on a yacht, it’s 1977, and all is fabulous…”. I will admit these won’t block out so much actual sun, but you will look stunning while secretly squinting (!). I want to wear these now with everything from my new sleek white column maxi dress to pale summer jeans and a gauzy tank top. Both with (modern) ridiculous platform heels, of course…

~ Alison.

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