It’s All Greek to Me…

My brother-in-law is Greek, and the minute he joined our family, so did his inherent love for evil eyes. These symbols are said to protect us from evil and bring us luck (who doesn’t want both those things?!), and can be found everywhere…as ceramic wall-hangings, screen-printed on tote bags, in gorgeous jewelry, etc. I have had a glass evil eye with brightly colored beads on twine hanging in my kitchen for years, brought back from a trip to Greece by my sister. And while my brother-in-law’s mom’s house has an intense entire wall of different shaped & sized evil eyes (you are seriously protected at her place!), my personal favorite is incorporating this iconic charm into your jewelry wardrobe…

Depending on what they are made out of, evil eyes in jewelry can be striking, subtle, dainty, literal, abstract, or anything in-between. I recommend trying one in a bracelet or necklace, where it will really be noticed. I actually just ordered myself a new bracelet this morning, and realized that my favorite version of these are set in rose gold (either 14k or plated depending on your budget) with blue stones (either dark sapphire blue or turquoise…or both!). I also have a labradorite evil eye necklace because I wanted something with a hint of blue but would read as a neutral and match everything.

So I went ahead and found three evil eye bracelets for you to check out, all set in rose gold (or rose gold tone). They range in price from under $15 (!) to $350, so there is definitely one for each budget. They are all also somehow adjustable in size, which is so key for bracelets (I, for example, still wear my baby bangle…so clearly a standard 7- or 8-inch bracelet doesn’t ever work for me!). The first is only $11.56 from Amazon, but is so adorable and looks way more expensive than it is. It has a sliding clasp to make it fit any wrist, and incorporates multiple shades of really vibrant blue. The next is one of the only adjustable bangles I have ever seen (brilliant!) that I actually like. From Swarovski and $99, it has a tiny evil eye as well as one other complimentary charm on either side. And lastly, from Jewelry Point and $350, I had to give you one “fine jewelry” option in case this is a symbol/trend you feel like you really want to invest in. It has diamonds and a bright blue sapphire and is beyond delicate and feminine.

We could all use a little extra protection, and this is one symbol that looks amazingly chic and cool when layered with other pieces. So thank you to my sister for marrying a Greek…I’ll happily take all the evil eyes, and all the rice-wrapped-in-grape-leaves I can get! 😉

~ Alison.

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