Maxed Out

I have always been a dress girl. One-piece, easy, and makes you look longer and leaner. The opposite of a skirt and top, which automatically cuts you in half. However (you knew there was a “however” coming!), if the skirt is the right skirt, it can not only be super flattering, but also insanely chic and really versatile from season to season. Last weekend, I went out to a girls-night dinner and my lovely, has-gorgeous-taste friend Donna arrived in a long cobalt blue accordion-pleat skirt, paired with a simple white tank top and strappy, colorful sandals (see photo on the left!). She looked stunning and it got me thinking about pleated maxi (and midi) skirts, which I hadn’t paid much attention to lately.

These skirts are the absolutely perfect equation, at least in my opinion. The longer the skirt the better, but “midi” length works beautifully with these too. They lengthen you in a number of ways…”maxi” anything makes you look like your legs go on forever, and the accordion pleats are slimming, hide any bumps and lumps, and their linear lines make you look taller. Add into that the option of a vertically striped pattern, and you become even longer and leaner. For now, do as Donna did…a clean, simple white tank or t-shirt, and either strappy sexy sandals or serious platform heels to balance out the volume of the skirt. As we move into Fall, top the skirt with a tucked-in white blouse (sooo Parisian…) and a chunky-heeled shoe (if you are very tall & thin, I grant you permission to wear ballet flats or strappy flat sandals). Layer a tiny, shrunken denim or moto jacket over the whole look if you need. And once winter rolls around, these skirts will still work into November and even December (then retire them again till March or April). Just swap out the blouse for a cropped grey or black thin sweater, knee-high boots and a furry coat.

I found four of these below that I personally love, (as always) at four completely different price points. They range from really flashy and shiny to office-appropriate, but any of them could be styled as I described above, for any season. A quick google search (browse under “shopping”!) will net you hundreds of options that work with any figure, color palette preference and budget!

This one from Christopher Kane is so over-the-top in the best way. Those dripping rhinestones are amazing and the color is so on-trend and beautifully rich…

Want one you can also wear to work or a family dinner? The snakeskin print on this one from 1.State is still fashion-y, but the pricetag is affordable and the length makes it less dramatic…

The longest, leanest-making of the bunch, this one from Amur has not only the accordion pleats but vertical stripes as well…win-win!

And if you want one that really makes a statement (but is barely even noticed by your bank account), go for this shiny, flashy gold maxi number…everyone will look at it, and everyone will remember you!

You can all thank Donna on your own…

~ Alison.


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