Your Lariat Awaits

Yeah, yeah…I know it’s “your chariot awaits”…;)

Anyway…it is hot this summer. Like, HOT. Like, I made the major mistake of going running at 2pm yesterday. It was 91 degrees and I’m guessing about 472% humidity. HOT. So for someone like me who wants to pile jewelry on top of jewelry even if I’m not even leaving my house, it’s hard to do when anything touching your skin makes you feel even hotter (especially necklaces). I have even only been wearing super skinny wire-framed sunglasses because anything else just feels too heavy. So what to do about the jewelry? Well, this is when you need to find “statement” pieces that are somehow also really delicate and lightweight but can stand on their own (for now…and then can be used as layering pieces once it’s cooler out).

The perfect way to achieve this is with a lariat necklace. This silhouette serves as both a choker/pendant and also as a longer piece, all in one. And there are so many zillions of options out there…different styles, different metals & stones, different lengths, etc. The thing I would look for in all of them though is that the piece as a whole makes a statement and can stand on its own as your main neck-candy during these heat waves. My newest and most favorite of these in my own jewelry wardrobe is yellow gold, has a blue opal at the “v,” and a spike at the bottom. I wear it all the time and can barely even tell it’s on me. I even wore it recently with a bikini at a pool party and it still didn’t look overly “done” (i.e., “how is she not sweating with that thing around her neck?!” was never uttered!).

I found three interesting, vastly different ideas for you to check out, all also at very different price points (from just over $1,600 down to $68!). Each one has something that makes it special, whether it’s personalized (the top one pictured from Zoe Chicco), really sparkly and ultra-feminine (the second one pictured from Melinda Maria…where my opal one is from too!), or comes with an extra choker-length layer to make it even more noticeable (the third one pictured from Aqua for Bloomindale’s). And like I said, there are so many fabulous lariats out there that are the perfect piece to wear now, later and kind of always with everything…now with maxi dresses cut down to there or white tank tops and cut-off denim shorts, and later with off-the-shoulder long-sleeved tops or even formal winter gowns…

~ Alison.

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