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Alison Faith RodmanFounder & Editor-in-Chief

Alison Faith Rodman
Founder & Editor-in-Chief


Alison Faith Rodman is an internationally-known Fashion Stylist with close to twenty years of experience as an editorial and personal wardrobe stylist, a fashion writer, an on-camera fashion personality, and a multi-media fashion commentator. Having grown up in Westfield, New Jersey and graduated from the University of Maryland with an English degree, Alison quickly moved to New York City, got herself some business cards, and styled private clients on the side (and events and engagement rings and anything else that could possibly be styled) while working in luxury goods PR and marketing.

As fast as she could, Alison transitioned into personal and editorial styling full-time. Major advertising and social media campaigns came next, as did writing a column for one online fashion magazine and covering New York Fashion Week for another. Over a glass of champagne at a fashion event one evening in 2008, the concept for the original Stylewhipped came to be. It was launched within two weeks, and ended up a coveted presence in the world of digital fashion publications. Alison started appearing everywhere from Fox News to Sirius Radio as a fashion expert, offering commentary and advice on how to be your best-dressed self. Online video series came next, with Alison hosting a multitude of make-over shows, how-to’s on accessorizing, and even a talk show. Along the way there were stints as a brand ambassador for shoe designers, endorsement projects as the face of fashion styling schools, and much more.

In 2014, Alison’s life became more focused on a new love story, a big house in the suburbs, two “inherited” little children and taking a much-needed break from the intense fashion scene. Which meant Stylewhipped took a break with her. However, nothing changed about Alison’s own style and need for everything in her life to still be fancy. So personal styling clients became the focus…but Stylewhipped was missed. By its readers and by Alison. Now became the right time to bring it back, give it a whole new look, add cool features, and once again deliver its readers Alison’s point of view on everything fashion.

Alison still wears 6-inch heels everyday (sometimes even at her own pool in her backyard…shhhh…), the most ridiculously oversized sunglasses (even when it’s raining and she’s driving the fun little sports car she gets to have when no longer living in NYC), and pretty much has the same love for sequins as her 5-year-old niece. With an omnipresent tiny gold “M” around her neck for her love Matthew, Alison hopes that with her help and with this magazine, everyone will eventually think getting dressed in the morning is as much fun as she does.

***Are you interested in working with Alison as your personal stylist? If you are in the NY/NJ metro area, Alison is available for in-person consultations. If you are outside the immediate area, Alison has recently launched an exciting “virtual personal styling” service. To learn more about either, please email her at alisonstylewhipped@gmail.com.